👋What is TribesKit?

TribesKit is a full-stack Chat and Wallet engine for your web3 app. It integrates seamlessly, works immediately and can be customized for your specific application.


TribesKit offers a suite of chat capabilities, from direct messages and group chats to rich wallet-based social profiles, in one simple and customizable package. TribesKit comes with the UI and everything you need to make it sing.

Implementation is a breeze: just one line of code. TribesKit ensures your app's Chat + Wallet experiences stay up-to-date with frequent, automatic upgrades — freeing your team to focus elsewhere.

TribesKit is available for web implementation today. If you're interested in adding TribesKit to a mobile app, please reach out.

Why TribesKit?

TribesKit is more than a chat solution. It's an embeddable DApp (Decentralized Application) that levels up your product with social and crypto capabilities.


  • Simple to integrate. It's intuitive and hassle-free. Embed full-featured chat capabilities into your app with just one line of code.

  • Web3-native. Give your app web3 capabilities, like enabling users to transact, propose, vote, and (of course) chat as their wallet.

  • Customizable. For developers looking to tailor their chat and wallet experience, TribesKit’s optional API allows developers to modify the chat's look, feel, and flow.

User experience

  • DMs, group chats and token-gating. TribesKit enables flexible chat formats, from simple "invite a user" DMs and groupchats to web3-managed "token-gated" membership and administration.

  • Consumer-grade UI. Get a modern, user-friendly, always-improving interface with zero development time. TribesKit combines rich functionality and UX in one flexible package.

  • Wallet capabilities: TribesKit's wallet enables users to browse and interact with any wallet, manage and showcase their own assets, and transact with other users by sending, requesting or receiving assets on-chain — all right in the chat.

About the developers

TribesKit is developed by Tribes, a company committed to decentralized messaging.


Please ping us with questions, comments and ideas. We love to hear from you.

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