🚀Quickstart Guide

Add chat in one line of code

Quick Integration

To quickly integrate TribesKit for experimentation, insert the following script tag into your HTML:

<script src="https://kit.tribes.xyz/preview.js"></script>

Incorporating the above script will embed TribesKit as a non-dismissible side panel on your page.

For more control

For developers seeking granular control, especially over the visibility of the side panel, insert the following script into your HTML:

<script src="https://kit.tribes.xyz/tribeskit.js"></script>

With this script, TribesKit is loaded but remains hidden until explicitly invoked through programmatic means. In the subsequent section, we delve deeper into how to tailor TribesKit according to your requirements programmatically.

React support coming soon

Please contact us for early access to TribesKit React

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